Typle.net v1.3 (2024-04-19)
Typle.net is a search engine with which you can find definitions from a given function type.

If you search for list<'a> -> bool you will get all indexed functions (members, properties etc.) with that - or a "similar" - type.

All nuget packages published on nuget.org are indexed hourly.

Open types have to be written in "F# syntax" ('a).

Generic types can be written in ".net syntax" (list<'a>) or "ML syntax" ('a list).

Examples (click to try them):
'a -> 'b -> 'c
list<'a> -> bool
string -> option<int>
list<'a> -> ('a -> 'b ->'b ->) -> 'b -> 'b

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The index contains at least the highest
version of every published NuGet package.

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